GXToken Sale Agreement

Table Of Contents Transfer of Tokens  Bonus Offer Conditions Precedent  GX Platform  User to Provide Information  Intellectual Property  Representations and Warranties  Limitation of Liability  Right to Refuse Transfer  Taxation 6 11. Privacy  Assignment  Amendment No Waiver  Further Action  Force majeure  Counterparts  Governing Law  Severability  No Relationship  Interpretation  Definitions and Glossary   Token Sale Agreement Recitals  The Company is developing GXTokens and the GX Platform.  The User wishes to buy and the Company wishes to sell GXTokens according to the terms of this Agreement  Operational Clauses 1. Transfer of Tokens  1.1 At the time the User places an order for GXTokens, the User must transfer to the Company, the Required Contribution nominated by the User.  &nbs...Read More

GXToken Generation Event Disclosure Document

  Contents 1.0 Summary Of Token Generation Event  1.1 Key Facts For Token Generation Event  1.2 Terms Of Participation In Token Generation Event  1.3 Key Details For Company And Advisors  2.0 Summary Of Token Generation Event  2.1 Terms And Conditions Of Token Generation Event  2.2 Tokens Offered During The Token Generation Event  2.3 Opening and Closing Dates  2.4 Lock Up  2.5 Making An Application Contribution  2.6 Tokens Issued By Phase  2.7 How To Apply For Tokens  2.8 Taxation And Legal Advice  3.0 Application Of Funds  3.1 Use Of Ico Funds And Variances To Spending  3.2 Variances To Spending  4.1 General Risks In Cryptocurrency Tokens  5.1 Expenses Of The Token Generation Event  5.2 The Company  5.3 Founders And Advisors Token Allocation  5.4 Key Assets  5.5 Material Litigation ...Read More

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